“Where Are All The Turtles?” is a presentation from the American Tortoise Rescue, shared through their twitter profile, @tortoiserescue. The ATR is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide for the protection of all species of tortoise & turtle and to be a national clearinghouse for information about the care, feeding, and rehabilitation of endangered and captive-bred tortoises.

The presentation, from the words of the ATR’s co-founder Marshall Thompson, is for:

“educating oneself on the causes of the disappearance of so many wild animal species: over-development, habitat destruction, over-harvesting of these animals for Asian live food markets worldwide with no regard for sustainability.”

One of the most eye-opening facts from the presentation is that:

  • Turtles have existed for more then 200 million years, longer than dinosaurs and virtually any other animal species.
  • Predictions by reliable biologists estimate that due to habitat destruction, exploitation, use as food and long net fishing, turtles will no longer exist in 50 years.
  • It has only taken the past 50 years to reach this dire situation.

So, here goes:

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