Since most pet turtles do not regularly eat home-prepared food (from our turtle poll results – only 22% get home prepared food at least weekly), it can be safely stated that most pet turtles get commercial pet food purchased from a store or online.

When it comes to buying food though, there are so many brands and choices out there. There are brandnames such as: Exo Terra, Fluker’s, Hikari, TetraFauna ReptoMin, Zilla, and Zoo Med – which are just a few of the biggest, most well-known brands. lists and sells around 30 brands!! (see them here)

Here are some factors as to why some brands might be a favorite:

  • cheap
  • best nutritional value
  • easily available – from LFS or supermarket
  • easy to find online
  • mixture of ingredients
  • and etc…

So, just what is your favorite brand of pet turtle food?
Answer our poll:

Did I miss your favorite brand of turtle food? Have any thoughts to share? Let us know in the comments.

Based on 76 answers at the time of this writing, the following are the survey results for the question “What is your favorite brand of pet turtle food?” This is a review of the answers provided to this pet turtle care related question.

From all (100% of) voters, the following represents which percentage have the following pet turtle food brands as their favorite:

  • TetraFauna ReptoMin – 27.63%
  • Zoo Med – 27.63%
  • Wardley – 9.21%
  • Mazuri – 6.58%
  • Exo Terra – 5.26%
  • Nutrafin Max – 5.26%
  • Fluker’s – 2.63%
  • PETCO – 2.63%
  • Hikari – 2.63%
  • T-Rex – 2.63%
  • Healthy Herp – 1.32%
  • JurassiDiet – 1.32%
  • Nature Zone – 1.32%
  • Ocean Star – 1.32%
  • Pretty Bird – 1.32%
  • Rep-Cal – 1.32%

We have a tie!! Reptomin and Zoo Med. I have to say, am not really surprised with the results. These two brands are among the biggest in turtle food, with such huge distribution.

And…well, ever seen this video of a turtle that loooves Reptomin? See pet turtles love reptomin.

The other brands which didn’t get any votes, as well as those having the smallest percentage of votes – are really small, almost unknown brands (compared to the big brands).

Personally, I find that most commercially available pet turtle food have way too much protein (and the manufacturers suggest feeding waaaay more food than is necessary), which I blame for all the sad looking captive pyramid-shelled turtles. I like the Zoo Med line of turtle food, since they have 3 different formulas. In particular, I like the Maintenance Formula best.

How about you? What’s your favorite brand of pet turtle food?