There are many types of turtles available to pet owners all over the world. What kind of pet turtle do you have? Because there are so many specific turtle species, they are arranged into the general groups you see here.

You can select more than one kind of turtle.

Have a pet turtle that doesn’t really fit the groups above? Share them in the comments!

Based on 132 votes at the time of this writing, the following are the survey results for the question “What kind of pet turtle do you have?” And so, of all the poll respondents….

  • 63% have basking turtles such as sliders or painteds
  • 5% have diamondback terrapins
  • 5% have map turtles
  • 5% have snapping turtles
  • 4% have soft-shell turtles
  • 4% have other kinds of pond turtles
  • 3% have box turtles
  • 2% have long-necks / twist neck turtles
  • 2% have a mata-mata
  • 2% have musk turtles
  • 1% have mud turtles
  • 1% have a woods turtles
  • 5% have other types of pet turtles that don’t fit the other categories

It’s good to see a big variety in the kinds of turtles species that bring joy to their pet owners, with every category listed above having a response.

It’s also not surprising to see that basking turtles (such as sliders or painteds) are the most popular pet specie, as the pet trade has spread them (red ear slider turtles in particular) throughout the world, are sold at very affordable prices – and the fact that RES hatchlings are so cute & tiny all contribute to them being the most widely owned type of pet turtle.

Do you have a pet turtle? Cast your vote and tell us what kind of pet turtle you have.


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