I took some photos of one of my Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS) the other day in my planted 5.5 gallon aquarium. Here is one of my females. In some photos she looks obviously berried, but not in others. So it’s possible that not all the photos are of the same shrimp – although I remember it being the same one. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Here’s the female posing an a java fern leaf. There’s some twisted java fern (wendelov) nearby, anacharis in the background, and some Christmas moss on the left and bacopa on the right. You can see some of the string I’m using to help attach some of the plants to the driftwood. There are three or four other shrimp not completely shown in the photo….can you see them?

A juvenile shrimp went up next to the female. Or a male. You can see the "saddle" in the shrimp. Is that their stomach or just unfertilized eggs? I forget. So depending on the answer to the question, it may me male or just a juvenile. But I’m leaning toward it being male – it doesn’t look too small…..

Changed the camera’s setting a bit. The large female moved a bit, and the other shrimp is swimming away.

Another shrimp coming by the posing female…

A closer shot of the female.

The female gets tired of posing for the camera and decides to walk through some twisted java fern leaves. You can see anubias leaves on the left, a few strands of Christmas moss, and the stems of crypts in the background.

And she continues walking through the windelov (twisted java fern) leaves…

She looks at the camera a little bit. You can see the joints of her legs in this pic.

She walked past all the twisted java fern leaves and then onto a regular java fern, where she settled in and briefly posed for the camera one last time. I think this is my best pet shrimp photo so far.


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