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The romantic holiday of the year is coming close – make it a Valentine’s your turtle lover is not going to forget. Give them the perfect gift this Valentine’s. Check out the following gift guide for your turtle lover…

Stuffed animal

Turtle stuffed animals are just way too cute not to be included in any turtle-lover gift idea article! This idea is a natural gift idea. A turtle lover knows you shouldn’t hug or hold a pet turtle much, which help makes the stuff animal turtle such a great idea. Most of them are cute and soft, come with beanie feet or bellies, or are plush. They come in different sizes and are widely available in stores or online. Find other stuffed turtles for your loved one.

Chocolate Turtles

Chocolate on Valentine’s day sounds cliche, but it works and is a wonderful idea. And besides, who can resist the nuts and caramel inside a chocolate turtle? Eating turtles may not sound appealing to a turtle lover, but chocolate turtles…now that’s appealing! Find more chocolate turtles.

Turtle shaped soap

Turtle soap. Not made with real turtles. Just shaped like a turtle. Yes. Other turtle soap products here.

A turtle DVD

Turtle lovers also care about sea turtles…and Voyage of the Lonely Turtle is a rare DVD as it’s all about sea turtles. This gift idea is an absolute must that will be loved. Find other DVDs with turtles in them.

Turtle calendar

A turtle-themed calendar needs no explanation. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, all year long… Buy other turtle calendars too.

Turtle keychain

A gift that’s small and practical, your turtle lover will highly appreciate this gift and be able to take a turtle everywhere they go. Find other turtle keychains here.

*photo by terren in Virginia | CC BY 2.0

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