A little while ago I first shared the changes I made to my 5.5 gallon tank since I moved my turtles from there. You can see the post here, introducing my 5.5 gallon planted tank.

A few weeks ago, I bought some driftwood and laterite and rearranged the layout of the aquarium. It looks much better than how it was before.

I’m still waiting for the plants to grow in further and attached to the rocks or driftwood I’ve attached them to. Also, I haven’t decided how to fill in the space in the front of the setup… It’s blank and I feel that whatever I put there will become the focal point of the tank, so whatever I put, it better be good. Until I find something I feel is worthwhile, I’ll leave the layout as it is.

Here are the pictures as of January 25, 2009:

I’ll share some other photos in the future.


  1. Great plant tank.
    If you will add some moss plants to your tank it will be awesome.
    As you mentioned after the plants will grow it will looks even better.

  2. Thanks!!

    There actually is some moss in there – Christmas tree moss. Most of it is by the center on the back, where a red cherry shrimp is.

    Wow, it’s nice looking back at these old pictures – everything has grown since then, especially the crypts

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