This is part 3 of turtle set-up pictures from Flickr. Click here to see part 1 of the turtle pictures and here for part 2 of the turtle pictures from Flickr.

It should be noted that the following are turtle pictures with Creative Commons licenses found in The owners of these photos are not affiliated with this website, Pet Turtles And More. And, as mentioned in the part 1 photos:

These turtle owners truly love their turtles, however many of these tanks have the following:

  • don’t have enough water (do not have the recommended 10 gallons of water for every inch of turtle shell)
  • are overstocked, too many animals and not enough water
  • have gravel which:
    • arguably is not recommended for pet turtles as they can and will ingest them which could lead to impaction
    • Unarguably, gravel contributes to a dirtier tank and poorer water quality unless cleaning is done regularly
  • have inadequate filtration, i.e. submersible or hang-on filters which are too weak for a turtle tank

Do you have a pet turtle of your own? Want to feature them here? Submit your pet turtle photos here.

And now, the photos from Flickr:

turtle tank in living room
Cool looking pet turtle tank. Looks too small for the aquatic turtle though. I love the mood set by the basking lamp.

hatchling turtle tank
A hatchling setup for two pet baby turtles. Has gravel though. The tank seems humongous for the turtles now, but a bigger pet turtle tank will be needed in the future. Can you see the turtle hatchling?

misbehaved pet turtles
Two red ear slider turtles in an aquarium. The water level in the tank looks like it’s low.

turtle tank picture
Except for the gravel, this turtle tank is a ok. Large and lots of water!!


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