The photos of “Heytou” are courtesy of Liana.

Liana says:
“I bought some freshwater turtles in Thailand through a friend. He told me that the only fresh turtles available in this region are red ear sliders. I had no idea about turtles before, so I didn’t care the turtle species. Strangely, out of 5 turtles (less than 6 months old) I bought, 4 are red ear slider turtles and 1 is different (black strip on the forehead (no red ears but red spot on the shell), and I named him/her “Heytou” meaning “Black Head” in Chinese. Amazingly, Heytou can interact with my husband and me, and he can hear us when we call him (we put him in a very big outdoor pond). Heytou shows up when we call, and he circles with our fingers. Because it is so astonishing to know that human can interact with a turtle, I wonder if other people also have similar experience, and hope to know if Heytou is the same species as RES.”

Does anyone have any stories or experience about interacting with Chinese golden thread turtles?

Chinese golden thread turtles, also known as the Chinese striped-neck turtle, is a very popular pet turtle. See this care sheet from the World Chelonian Trust for more information.

Meet Heytou:
chinese golden thread turtle picture

pet chinese golden thread turtle

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