With the official start of holiday gift shopping just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start planning your shopping list and getting those gifts ready!!

Because it can be diificult at times to decide what to get a turtle lover, we present to you the top turtle-themed holiday gift ideas:

Turtle Stuffed Toys

Stuffed turtle toys are popular and always make it in these lists. That’s because they are always so cute, cuddly, and soft!! Anyone that likes turtles will always appreciate a stuffed animal turtle! Find other turtle stuffed toys here.

Laptop Skins & Stickers

Laptop skins are specialty stickers designed to be applied (and easily removed) on top of netbooks and laptops. They are an affordable method to personalize a mar or pc. Find more laptop and netbook turtle skins here.

Childen’s books

What child can resist a cute children’s book? There is plenty of turtle themed children’s book available, including pop-up books, touch and feel books, and so much more! Find children’s turtle books.

Turtle Kitchenware

Decorative, useful, and at the same time turtle-themed!! From molds, wine bottle holders, designs and more, browse through turtle kitchen & dining products.

Baby Room Products

Wallpapers, cribs, blankets, hampers and more… Help beautify a friend’s or family member’s baby room with adorable baby room items that feature turtles. My children are going to have these:) See more here.

Turtle Jewelry

Every time I see someone wearing turtle jewelry, I can’t help but look and smile. Give a gift of shiny, glittering, beautiful turtles! View more turtle jewelry here.

Constellation Night Light

A Twilight Turtle gently changes a bedroom or nursery into a star-filled sky sanctuary that comforts and calms children. It projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room. The question is, why should children have all the fun? Look at even more Twilight Constellation Turtles here.

Pet Turtle Supplies

Assuming your turtle lover is also a pet turtle owner, this is a “can’t-lose” type of gift. From pet turtle food to all types of pet turtle supplies, your turtle lover (and his/her pet turtles) will appreciate this type of gift very much!!

Have a wonderful time shopping and happy holidays!!

* photo by StarsApart | CC BY-SA 2.0