I bought this 5-foot long Drain Cleaner Brush with every intention of using it to clear up clogs in my kitchen sink and bathtub. But, I ended up using it on my XP3 filter tubes.

After doing a water change and repriming one of my Rena Filstar xP3 Filters, the filter would start but would stop working after a few minutes. I couldn’t figure out why. The canister and filter media was cleaned just a few weeks before, so there was no way it was clogged up already. I kept repriming the filter thinking maybe I didn’t do it right, but nothing would get it to keep working. Then I thought that maybe the filter tubes were clogged.

I have one of those 3-pack of 18" filter tube cleaners. I opened the top of the intake tube (which is really easy, it has a screw-off top and is where you put water into the filter to prime it). I used the 18" tube cleaner and removed a lot of gunk!! The waste of two turtles, fish, and anacharis leaves had gotten stuck on the tubes and clogged it. So the top of the tube was cleaned, but what about the bottom portion? Understand that my tank is 24" tall and the filters sit underneath it in a cabinet, so my filter tubes are well over 24" in length. I certainly didn’t want to disconnect the tubes from the filter itself, because that would have taken a whole lot of work.

Then I remembered I had the still unused 5′ Drain Cleaner Brush. I washed it thoroughly and then used on the top of the filter tube and fed it into the tube as far as it would go. Man, there was so much gunk!! After cleaning the tube, I reprimed the filter and it started and kept working flawlessly!

I knew then that the tube cleaner would have to be used exclusively for my turtle filters. Sure enough, about a month later, the other XP3 filter stopped working. I had cleaned it at the same time as the other XP3, so there was no way it was clogged already. I immediately went for the 5′ Drain Cleaner Brush, removed a bunch of gunk, and the filter worked perfectly!!

So anyway, the 5′ Drain Cleaner Brush is the best filter tube cleaner I’ve used.

  • It’s definitely long enough – I won’t have to completely disassemble the filter tubes to be able to clean out the complete length of the tubes
  • It’s flexible and will ‘follow’ the filter tube to its end
  • It’s affordable!!

After writing this post, I found a less expensive and shorter (4′ long) aquarium-specific filter tube cleaner from Marineland. It should work just as great and is certainly long enough for most aquarium setups. See the tube cleaner and get it here: tube brush cleaner.


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