Being an owner of turtles, fish, and reptiles – and being a web person – I do most of my pet supplies shopping online. I have a few favorite online stores, one of them is That Fish Place (That Pet Place).

Until recently, I had thought that That Fish Place was an online only store – I had no idea that they were also a brick & mortar store. And so, on a road trip to Lancaster, PA I made a visit pilgrimage to one of my favorite online stores.

The visit left me with a bittersweet feeling as I was both disappointed and surprised at the same time because I had some expectations coming in…

But first, here’s their roadside sign:
That Fish Place, That Pet Place sign

That Fish Place logo, which is on the outside of the building:
That Fish Place, That Pet Place logo

Their tagline and entrance. Yes, that’s a 3D shark on the awning:
That Fish Place, That Pet Place tag and shark awning on entrance

…And a close-up of that shark awning:
That Fish Place, That Pet Place shark awning on entrance

Here are the reasons I was disappointed:

  • there aren’t any sharks inside!! (like on the awning)
  • They have a lot of live fish and plants for sale on the web – except for a few display tanks, there wasn’t much of them. I was expecting to see aisles upon aisles of aquariums with different livestock for sale (unless I just didn’t see them if they are in a different room)

The reasons I was surprised:

  • It was biiiiiig!!!
  • They had a nice sized reptile room (they don’t have reptiles for sale online), including several nice dart frog vivariums and a some big reptiles by the reptile room entrance. They had loads of lizards and snakes, some pet turtles and frogs too
  • There’s a stingray petting tank!! Awesome – this is the only pet store I know that has one!!

Here’s a panoramic photo of the stingray petting tank that I took – if it isn’t moving, click here to view:
That Fish Place Stingray petting tank

It’s shaped like a fish!!!! At the time, new animals were put in the tank and were being acclimated – so the petting tank was closed.

The touch tank has a kids website, which is embedded below.

And lastly, here’s a panoramic photo I took of the store from near the entrance – if it isn’t moving, click here to view:
That Fish Place Store

So there you have it. Have you ever visited That Fish Place, That Pet Place? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments.


  1. They have tons of fish there…you must have missed the fish room. If/when you go again there is an entrance near the stingray tank. Freshwater fish are in the first section when you walk in, saltwater and lots of coral in the far half of the room. The plants are in there, too, in another small room.

  2. Hi, great article on the store; glad you were able to visit, and you took some awesome photos! Just wanted to point out that the fish and plants are held in our fish room off to the left of your second panoramic shot under the big “Splendor in the Glass” Mural. I hope you’re able to visit again and check it out. The Touch Tank is open again as well. Thanks!

    Matt R
    That Fish Place – That Pet Place

    1. Thanks Matt!!

      I’ll definitely look out for the fish room next time if I ever find myself there again — I can actually see the sign in my photo – can’t believe I missed it!!

      Oh yeah, the staff were very nice and helpful too – especially in helping me pick out plumbing parts, but were less helpful in directing me to a movie theater – good thing there’s GPS!