The Tagging of Pelagic Predators (TOPP), part of the Census of Marine Life, has been tagging and tracking Pacific leatherback turtles, and is a race organizer of The Great Turtle Race.


They track the journey of several leatherback turtles in the Pacific and show their near real-time their present locations and swimming speed.

Here’s a video of what they do:

Go here to see the TOPP website.

I’m really fascinated with leatherback turtles. They are my favorite sea turtle, and are the most extreme and largest of all the sea turtle species. They are the most extreme such that they swim the furthest, dive the deepest, and hold their breathe longest. I’ve never seen any of them in any of the aquariums I’ve been to and would love to see them lay eggs in a beach.

so anyway, visit their site and support the effort to save leatherback turtles!

* Banner by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region, CC BY 2.0


  1. I was just able to meet 4 leatherbacks on a remote beach of Indonesia. I can only say how moved I was by watching a turtle I named Sallie, she laid her eggs with some help digging her nest from a researcher from the University of the Monterrey Bay area. So very moved and want to do what I can to help this magnificant creature.

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