Old video of Rex, my male red eared slider turtle, eating a feeder goldfish.

For some reason I don’t understand, he took the already dead goldfish up above the water. I’ve never seen him do that with any of the other fish he has killed. He didn’t do it to kill the feeder fish either – he already killed it by eating its face off.

At one point in the video I focus on one of the goldfish eyes – gross!!! It’s so cute though, you see Cinderella, my other RES turtle wanting to get some fish meat from over the tank divider.

Whenever I watch my turtles eat fish, I’m always surprised. When they eat their catch, they almost seem clumsy in the way they handle their meal. They constantly let it go and float away, or sometimes they miss them with their claws – – I’m just so amazed that despite all that, they’re still able to catch fish that swim faster and are more maneuverable than they are. They truly are fish eaters and nature’s miracles!

Enjoy the video!!

Note: I don’t feed the turtles feeder goldfish anymore and they have since been moved to a much larger tank.


    1. Right after I posted this my human accidentally fed me an Oto. My failure to catch minnows has apparently helped me fly under the predator radar.

  1. Wow! Just watched the vido, and you’re quite the slow eater compared to me. Even so, my human told my humanette not to watch when I had my snack….She gets a little too attached to the fish.

  2. …which makes me wonder how they’re able to catch and kill fish!!

    AG was the same way, getting attached to the fish. I remember opting not to name them – makes it easier to watch them get eaten

  3. [..YouTube..] i think iknow why because it wants to kill the fish,fish cant breath on land rite?i think thats the answer to tour question… 🙂

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