As you should know, I love turtles. I’m into them so very much. When it comes to games, I like graphical adventure games and am a fan of them. So when I saw a product that combined the two of them, Runaway: Dream of the Turtle , I just had to get it.

I’ve always been a fan of adventure games. From Day of the Tentacle, the Kyrandia series, Sam & Max, the Monkey Island games, Grim Fandango and so on, I love it. And I’ve also always liked the way LucasArts made them. They always had great graphics, awesome storylines, wit, and humor. They didn’t stump you on the head if you made a mistake and you couldn’t die thus eliminating having to start the game from the very beginning or having to save the game every time you tried something.

Given the fact that LucasArts was the best in my mind and that other companies’ games never measured up, I was really impressed with Runaway. It’s an awesome game! Graphics are wonderful, there’s humor, voice acting is good…it rivals LucasArts games.

Graphics are top-notch with the feel of The Curse of Monkey Island. Interface follows the standard adventure game look, with the main game window taking most of the screen. The cut-scenes are with the same look and style of the game, and you can pause them!! Humor is great, the main character, Brian, says funny one-liners, with comedy mixed in the conversations with non-player characters and scattered throughout the game. The storyline is interesting and engaging, it opens up to reveal that there’s more to the game than first lets on.

You play Brian Basco, the main character of the first Runaway game, Runaway: A Road Adventure, as he goes about searching for his missing girlfriend and discovering and solving a bunch of stuff along the way.

There are 6 chapters in all, so you know how long the whole game is. I’ve been playing with it for several hours so far for a week, And I’m currently in chapter 5. I’ve found the puzzles easy so far, but it has increased (somewhat) in diffculty. I had gotten stuck on both chapters 1 and 2, but after a good pixel hunt (scouring the screen), I found things/places I hadn’t seen before and made the rest of the puzzles flow. Unfortunately, pixel hunting is just a part of adventure games. I’m a little disappointed that the solutions I needed to continue were solved with pixel hunts.

Overall, I really like the game and highly recommend it for the storyline-loving adventure game fans. After I finish this game I’m going to get the first game in the series, Runaway: A Road Adventure.

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