This whole ordeal happened about 5 months ago in August 2008. I was panicking and since it was late at night, I was posting to the Forums for help.

Side note: The forum is the best turtle forum in my opinion. The members there are very kind, caring, and are (in my opinion) the most knowledgeable of the other forums I’ve joined. So yeah, I highly recommend it.

Ok, so I came home after being out over 14 hours. I couldn’t find my male RES, Rex, anywhere and only after really searching the tank did I find him stuck, high up. I took photos cause I thought it was amazing that he had managed to climb so far up. I didn’t know he was hurt, how long he was stuck up there, and that he was scared & cold.

When I pulled him out his eyes were big and swollen red and looked mucus-y. He was also very, very dry and felt cold, I was worried that he might’ve been dead – thank God he wasn’t. Below are some of the pix that I took :

This is where I found him, wedged between the styrofoam background and filter intake tube. It doesn’t look like the plastic plants were poking him in the eyes, but he was hiding his head in his shell anyway.

That’s almost 2 feet above the bottom of the tank – I was so surprised he was able to climb that high. The water was about 10" high at that time, so he had climbed about 12" vertically.

The rest are all pix of his eyes:

This is the top of the tank – he was wedged just above the heat lamp and about 8"-10" away from the UVB lamp.

His eyes became like that all of a sudden, they were perfectly normal the last time I saw him the morning before , so I was sure it wasn’t a Vitamin A deficiency. But his eyes did look like those of other turtles suffering from photo-kerato-conjunctivitis, which you can see the article here: www.UVGuide.Co.UK. His eyes looked like he had that, except his were red because it was fresh.

My fiancee was all set to take him to a vet the next day, but not until late in the day. I immediately removed the styro background so that neither of my turtles can climb all the way up again and I turned off the UVB lamp from the timer too.

Keep in mind this all happened months ago, and Rex is 100% fine now. I’m simply sharing the experience here. I’ll share more about what happened next in my following post.


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