Rex is truly my more outgoing and less shy turtle.

Slider turtles get their names from their "sliding" into the water when basking when they feel danger (humans!!) nearby. Yet, many bigger sliders in pet stores or ponds don’t slide into the water as quickly as younger sliders do. I always thought it was because they had been conditioned to having a lot of humans (and other noises) around them while basking. I knew that one day, I’d be able to walk up to them basking without them jumping into the water. Well, that day came with Rex late in 2008.

I do have some pix of my turtles basking from when they were younger, but I took those by sitting a short distance from the tank, in the dark, and without moving for a long time until they thought I was gone and they went up to bask. That period ended with Rex.

Here are some pix of Rex basking from September 2008: