More pictures from over a year back. I just love finding these old pictures of my RES turtles!!

Here’s a photo of Rex eating a feeder goldfish, he has it by the tail. This was the only photo I managed to take. I think I ran out of battery or something….

This was way back in the old small set-up. Here’s Cinderalla poking her head through the tank divider trying to reach for the snail that is in Rex’s side of the aquarium.

And another angle. Looks like she has quite a way to go…

And yet another angle of her reaching for the snail. Poor turtle, she never did get it.

A yet another angle of her reaching for it, this time it’s from her side of the tank.

And a final shot. She might have given up on trying to get the snail at this point, but it looks like she’s still eyeing it.

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