On September 1st, me and AG went to Philly on a day trip to eat some authentic Philly Cheesesteaks and see the sights. Walking through a market, we saw some turtles and bought a pair.

We’ve named them Rex and Cinderella, two Red Eared Sliders, who are actually more expensive and complicated than I first thought. Since the pix were taken, we’ve since purchased an aquarium, filters, basking light, food, a basking spot, aquarium heater, and such. Anyway, here are some pix:

pet turtle hatchlings
We brought them home in a chinese food disposable tupperware. They were probably over an inch in length.

pet red ear slider turtle hatchlings
This is the plastron of Cinderella.

pet turtle plastron shell
The Plastron of Rex.

pet turtles in a small bowl
This is the second temporary bowl we put them in. I’ll post more about that later.


  1. its really nice to see this page…
    i went thru it cos i wanted to show the photos of basking light and a basking spot to a friend….
    i have two turtles…. 4 yrs old..
    i have made a large enclosure for them…
    they r lovely pets…
    their names r shunu-munu..

    ur page was really infromative and nice..
    my turtles were also very small when i got them

  2. Hi, buddy!
    First of all i brought 2 red eared turtles & I was very much excited and happy for the wonderful creature created by God, so in next month only I brought another 4.
    I want to know how to recognise that which one is male & which one is female?
    Fine transpernt membrane like skin is cuming, is that normal or sumthing serious.
    Thanx for ur posts.

    1. wow, that is awesome! Turtles really are one of God’s more interesting creation!

      It’s very hard to sex them while they are under 4? in size. When they get bigger, red ear slider turtles can be sexed this way..

      Male turtles: grow long front claws, big fat tail
      Female turtles: claws the same length on all 4 feet, tail stays small

    2. are you referring to their skin shedding? That’s normal. Of course, if their water is too how (75F is optimal) they tend to shed more skin much faster.

  3. Hi my name is Tiffany and i just bought two of these turtles last night from a store in myrtle beach i was not sure of the specious and now i am positive my turtles are this type. I was wondering if you still have your turtles and if so aprox. how big do they get? Please email me back and let me know.

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