Took a few photos of Rex a few days ago.

Here he is, a great looking male red eared slider, swimming and begging for food ….

His claws are getting to a nice length. You can also see how massive his tail is becoming. Those are the two sure-fire ways to sex a Red ear slider turtle. Female RES have short claws and their tails stay small. Of course, the difference in the tail and claws manifest themselves after the RES reaches 4" in length (just the shell from head to tail in a straight line). Before they get to 4" it is very hard to sex RES turtles.

Ooh!! He sees my finger…

"Can I eat it?" he’s probably thinking.

…Rex pulls his head back in anticipation….

… and CHOMP!!!!!

I just love that last picture.


  1. I have the same turtle but it is a Female. Forlogos your reply was in 2010! But it is a Red Eared Slider if anybody else is still wondering.

    1. I know, I’ve been so terrible with keeping with this blog. I haven’t fully recovered from having kids, don’t think I ever will

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