As a follow-up to the Red footed tortoises video post from the 2010 New York Turtle And Tortoise Society Annual Show, here are some pictures of the same group of redfoot tortoises.

The first 4 tortoise pictures are featured on the same video and are ‘regular’ cherryhead redfooted tortoises. They have red colored spots on their feet and on top of their heads.

The last 5 turtle pictures are of a hybrid/unclassified redfooted tortoise (and not in the video). Some of the key characteristics that make it very different from the more common red-footed/yellowfooted tortoises are that:

  • It has red colored spots on its legs, but…
  • it has yellow colored spots on its head.
  • Its shell isn’t dark…
  • its yellow…
  • very smooth..
  • and it is shaped differently.

And so, enjoy the pet tortoise pictures!


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