Last year me and AG went on vacation to the small quaint Mexican village of San Blas. One of the things we did there was take a cruise on the La Tobara. La Tobara is a fresh water spring, but there is a host of mangrove wetlands to go through. It’s an excellent trip for birdwatchers, but me and AG were more excited to see crocodiles and turtles. At least I was. The whole thing took a few hours.

When we got to the spring, I was disappointed because I hadn’t seen a turtle yet. Then, just looking at the water, I spotted one at a distance. It disappeared and I saw another one appear, much closer, and it actually swam towards us. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!

At first I was saddened to see red eared sliders in Mexico, since I knew them to be native to the US, and that these were likely RES that were discarded after they grew large – a negative impact of the pet trade. But some further research showed that RES are also native to Mexico. Because of so many introductions of RES turtles to the wild, its true natural range isn’t known. So there’s still a chance that these weren’t native turtles.

Here’s a website on San Blas and La Tobara . There is also this website in Spanish . (I don’t speak Spanish)

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