In the summer, almost a whole month before me and AG got our turtles, we found ourselves in Central Park. At that time I didn’t like/love turtles and had absolutely no interest in getting any. I didn’t actually start liking turtles until after we got them. AG wanted to get them, but now I do all I can to take care of them and I watch them for hours and hours. Anyway, back to the story…

We went to Turtle Pond and saw all these Red Eared Sliders…

Someone threw an apple in the water, which is why all the turts are crowding that one spot.

There was this huge female with “RUDY” painted on her carapace.

I took some video too. Enjoy!!

Can’t wait to see all those turtles again in the summer!!


  1. It is very depressing to see turtles in ponds of such conditions. We have quite a lot of turtles in the Chinese temples in Malaysia too and I always wonder whether the temple authorities know about the condition of the pond, and if yes, whether they are planning to take any action.

  2. feeling very low after looking at this video.
    I wonder, if they all would be getting sufficient enough to eat..??
    The hunger has made them agressive and this can create disputes amongst themselves.
    Proper care should be taken

  3. I agree that there is a lot of turtles out there in the pond.

    Whether or not there is enough to eat is debatable (it’s a large pond under the care of the city), what is a sure fact is that RES are aggressive and territorial turtles and the more space they each have (like in aquariums) the better

  4. Hi, I want to find a new home for my two red eared slider turtles in Brooklyn. One is a female and one is a male and because of those very conditions above, I can not release them because they have been in captivity so long that they could not possibly defend themselves. I have had them for three years. These turtles are the size of my hand and need a proper set up including a heat lamp, basking rocks, a powerful filter and at least 50gallon for each of them. They are a lot to handle and I have run out of expenses and time to care for them properly so please if you are looking to adopt turtles please contact me at

    [email protected]

    Thank you.

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