Reader Rew shares pictures of his pet turtles, George and Jorge, in their tanks.

George is a 3 year old red ear slider turtle, pictured above.

George was found at a flea market in MS. At the time Rew knew nothing about properly taking care of pet turtles and so George lived on dry land with hermit crabs for months, with only a small bowl of water for him to drink. When he realized he only ate when he was in the water, Rew changed the habitat to a half and half tank (dry area and water) using small plastic containers filled with sand and dirt. This method was horrible, but gave him plenty of swimming space and a nice basking area. George has grown and is now in a 40 gallon pet turtle tank.

Jorge on the other hand is a Ouchita map turtle:
Ouchita map turtle Jorge

Jorge was purchased off the internet. He is smaller than a quarter but has a nice size tank for his size ( not sure on gallon size free tank).

Rew would have loved to put the two pet turtles together but George, the red ear slider, bites at rocks, fingers and reflections — so Jorge would be dead in minutes. Rew also says, “I love these turtles and they have much more personality then I ever figured a turtle would. I would like to know what is a good other aquatic or semi aquatic pet would get along with a turtle.”

In answer to Rew, in my opinion fish are the best companion animals you can put in a turtle tank. They are affordable (since they can/will be eaten) and it is relatively easy to treat health issues with fish. The cool folks over at Austins Turtle Page wrote a very informative article called What Can I Keep With A Turtle?, check it out.