More pictures and video from the same trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston late last year.

I had no idea of the work that they did with sea turtles, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this. I came too early, weather-wise, so they didn’t have their Sea Turtle Recovery Room open yet.

Sign reads:

Coming soon:
Sea Turtle
Recovery Room

Every year when water gets too cold too quickly,
many sea turtles suffer from a condition called
cold-stunning, a kind of hypothermia. Here at the
Aquarium, the turtles are given medical attention
and time to recuperate so they can once again
survive on their own when released back into the
wild. Some of these turtles are Kemp’s ridleys,
the world’s smallest and most endangered sea
turtles. Come witness the amazing recoveries for

They did have the first turtles in for the season. Here’s the sign next to one of them:

Sign reads:


Seaturtles spend most of their time in tropical..
subtropical water
, but young turtles can wander as far north..
Bay. Juvenile Kemp’s ridley, green and loggerhead seaturtles follow th..
Stream waters to New England, where they spend the summer months..
growing. When cold weather returns, scientists think most of these turtles..
Every year, some turtles stay in Cape Cod Bay too long. These seaturtles..
stunned by severe cold weather, or a sudden drop in temperature. When..
the turtle is cold-stunned , or suffering from a form of hypothermia. These..
also develop severe pneumonia and secondary infections.
Often, a cold-stunned turtle is too sick to swim, and will drift helpless..
Some of these turtles become stranded when they wash onto Cape Cod..
weak to return to the water. Volunteers rescue these stranded turtles, and..
them to the Aquarium for rehabilitation. Once the turtle is
strong enough, it will be released.

The .. are for the words aren’t in the pic.

And, of course, a video:

I’m not sure what kind of turtle it is, but it is a recovering sea turtle. It looks like it was hurt by a fishing line (I’m not sure if the big fishing lines/nets can damage shell) or by a boat. In any case, it looks like it’s recovering very well.

I’ll put up more photos and videos from this trip soon.


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