I wanted to give the turts more water to swim in. I bought some UVC pipes and attached them under the Zilla basking ramp with some aquarium rock epoxy. Then I moved the small internal filter and heater to the back wall and stacked them up for the ramp to rest on.

When it was all set-up, I noticed that the PVC pipes were big enough for the turtles to fall into and that they might get stuck inside and drown, so I stuffed some unused aquarium air tubes in them.

With the basking spot a lot higher than before, I got worried that they might be too close to the heat/uv bulb. I put to use a lamp stand to raise the lamp higher.

The tank now looks incredibly different, and the turts certainly enjoying having more swimming room…


  1. no offence but your tank looks shitty
    it looks all robotic and wierd
    why dont you just buy the stuff instead of trying to make it you self ? and maybe ad little earthy things so its a little more enviormental for the turlte

  2. no offense taken…that’s the old setup, from close to a year ago.

    I’m hoping to have some time soon to show pictures of my new tank. It’s a nice 150 gallon, hope you get to see the pictures when I put it up

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