Feed up with the hair algae, I took some drastic steps to deal with it. It got rid of most of it, but it seems like there’s still some left. Whether they are dead or not, or if it will break out again remains to be seen. I’ll detail the steps I took in another post.

Anyway, amidst all that, I rearranged my planted 5 gallon tank and added even more driftwood than before.

Most of the plants are bigger than they were earlier in the year as seen here, when I last rearranged it .

The crypts, java ferns, twisted java ferns, and Christmas moss have all grown. The anubias have multiplied as well. I got rid of the bacopa as I didn’t really like it’s look and I found myself trimming it too much and I’d rather not have to. I added, to experiment with, some pygmy chain swords.

Looking at the pictures now, it looks kinda messy. I may rearrange it again, but I might just let it be and grow awhile….

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