Aquatic turtles play

Here’s a few short clips I had made of my wife playing with our pet red ear slider (RES) turtles, Rex and Cinderella.

Rex the male turtle, is on the left and tries to bite the toy first then Cinderella, the female on the right side, gets a go at it. Finally, the camera itself gets a chance to play along as well!!

Playing with pet turtles is fun…

In this here video clip, AG my wife is playing with just our female red eared slider turtle, Cinderella. AG is moving the same small toy (in fact, it’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy hand) around and Cinderella is chasing it trying to bite it. A short fun video. Enjoy!

Compared to other ways to play with your pet turtles – some of which can end up being viewed by others as being mean and inhumane by the person doing the so called playing, or for the turtle it can be quite a stressful and thus unhealthy experience for the turt – this way is good, meaningful, natural fun for both turtle and person.

It’s stimulating for every one, fun to watch, engaging for the whole family, hilarious to watch the turtles keep trying to bite thru the glass, great exercise for the turtles, and it’s a great and nice way to see how well they swim!

Something interesting: several years after I first made this post and put up the videos on youtube (5-6 years actually), I was expecting to see more than a few videos of other people playing with their aquatic pet turtles online… but no, not a single video could be found on youtube! I thought it was perfectly natural to play with water turtles. How could I possibly be the only person to have played with my aquatic pet turtles and put a video of it online? Anyway, if I missed your video, share a link in the comments below and I’ll be sure to post it here.

Land tortoises playing

But, I did find out that people like to play with tortoises and they like to play back. Especially with balls. Tortoises really, really like balls.

In this video, watch a mesmerizing clip of how a tortoise and a dog play soccer against each other:

Intense! That turtle nip! Penalty!

Here’s a solo soccer player named Toninu. Apparently, Toninu the tortoise does this every time he sees a soccer ball:

Here’s another video of another dog and tortoise pair, but is seems like the dog is the one playing with the tortoise:

This whole game will change when the tortoise, a sulcata, grows bigger and overwhelms the tiny dog.

Lastly, here’s a slightly larger sulcata, playing solo and not quite being able to have enough of a volleyball:

So, who doesn’t love play time? How do you play with your pet turtles? How do your pet turtles play?

*photo by Music of the sun, cropped | CC BY-ND 2.0


  1. Hello

    Great video,

    One question: why do you have your turtles separated?

    i am a Newbie to the Exotic Pets World (Eventually built up the courage)

    i Have 2 red-eared turtles, Tittle and Tattle

    Hope to hear back from you