I hardly know anything about the Pig nosed / Fly river turtle, so it was nice to find this video. Here’s a few things I didn’t know about these turtles, that make them such a unique turtle specie: like sea turtles they have flippers (instead of feet) but are freshwater turtles and (again like sea turtles) the males live their entire lives in the water and never go on land. Additionally, Pig nosed / Fly river turtles need to hatch underwater and even if they are fully developed, they will not hatch until the right conditions are present. So uniquely different!!!

Bonus material in the video: You get to see multiples Pig-nosed / Fly river turtles hatch from eggs!!

The video is a clip from Life In Cold Blood by David Attenborough. The sharer of the video “disclaims this vid, I upload it for public viewing only”.

Enjoy the video:


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