After much delay, here are pictures of my pet leopard gecko, Monkey.

I’ve had Monkey for about two and a half weeks now…I have to say, leopard geckos make a great pet lizard. They stay small and don’t demand a lot in terms of food, water, & equipment. Monkey is a female leopard gecko and is about 7″ long from nose to tail tip.

Enjoy the photos!!


  1. hey, i’m considering getting a leopard gecko, and stumbled across your blog. Is that seriously caulk on the back wall? i think that’s really cool! and i was wondering if it’s worked out so far, Monkey’s not eating at the caulk at all? She’s beautiful by the way.

    1. it’s actually spray foam insulation. I read that it was safe and non-toxic. Thanks! Monkey sure is a beaut!

      Did you ever get a leopard gecko?

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