pet turtles are such versatile animals!

In addition to being able to take a turtle on a walk, do back flips, play with them in various ways (such as this), or just plain look cute and awesome – pet turtles can also skateboard. Yes, a turtle can ride a board with four small wheels and look cool doing it!!

Here are a few examples, of what I mean:

a speed skater:

A grom (noob) skater:

Pet turtle speed racer skater:

just cruising around:

Looks fun…pet turtles are the best!!

Note: because turtles are not really skateboarders, making them ride a skateboard can stress them out. And too much stress can lead to death. So it’s not recommended to force a pet turtle to skate when they are capable of moving around on their own.

*photo by Traci-Ann, cropped | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0