Pet turtles are not just great pets, they’re the best pets. The proof: Dog owners want their pet dogs to look like pet turtles!!

The silliness of it all…

Look at what I found at Target:
pet dog costume turtle

And here’s another one I found, this one online, the Dog Turtle Costume:
pet turtle dog costumeturtle pet dog costume
Here are parts of the pet Dog Turtle Costume description that are just too funny to read:

  • Turn your dog into the fastest turtle on the block!
  • Features 3-D eyes, and a polyfill-stuffed shell, tail and back legs.
  • a great way to leverage the popular turtle trend!
  • realistic multi-dimensional costume features an olive green polyfill-stuffed shell with green felt appliques.

This is just silly….If they wanted a dog that looked like a turtle, they could’ve just bought a pet turtle that gets big, like a sulcata, and take it out for walks, just like Bon-chan Tortoise!!