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There aren’t too many blogs out there devoted to Pet Turtles… Here’s a few that I know of and recently found:

chrisredearslider.blogspot.com – This guy has been blogging for close to a year hasn’t blogged in a few years. He shares his experiences with his RES turtle, Squirt.

www.threeturtlemarketing.com – Several months old, this blog has a lot of photos and shares his experiences with his three pet turtles and relates them to business. An interesting read.

http://www.wonderbart.com/aquariums/ – This dude has a lot of pets, turtles too of course!! This site is all about a guy’s hobbies, so there’s content on a host of other things too.

petpaintedturtle.com – Just a few months old, but with some good information. I don’t think all the content is original and I suspect a good portion of it are (obviously) copied from other sources. There a several photos also, but they don’t match the content (i.e. sea turtles when the post is about painted turtles).

Such a short list… There were a few older blogs that haven’t been updated in a while, so I didn’t include them. Also, some blogs were made purely for selling things or for AdWords.

UDPDATE: Got a few good links in the comments, check them out and if you have a good turtle blog yourself, add yours through the comments!

*photo by Al Case, cropped | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  1. I see you’re looking for turtle blogs. I contribute my URL. My fifteen turtles at the Chelonian Connection independent lab are both family animals and enthusiastic cognitive research subjects. (They do activities that are fun.) The occasional blog includes photos, all sorts of talk about turtles and the surprising things they can learn if socialized and given some choices in life, excerpts from our book-in-progress, DIODE’S EXPERIMENT: A BOX TURTLE INVESTIGATES THE HUMAN WORLD, conservation issues, and soon–I hope–video footage.

  2. Folks I am starting an FB page for my turtles and other turtle people for interactive fun, info, help with turtle topics and sharing general experiences. I am doing this because I find alot of the forums and blogs set up a bit user unfriendly (no disrespect or slander intended toward any turtle blogs forums or any other like-minded site, as they are very useful) I find social media sites a bit more organized, easier and fun for comments and pics. I have kept Yellow bellied sliders and RES’s going on 15 years now, with my oldest turtle Edna, being just that old and I get a lot of questions on keeping turtles from co-workers and friends of co-workers and so on and on as everyone knows can happen. Just recently I had a friend of a friend of a friend receive some turtles from a unknown source and one of them died before they decided to do research of ask questions and this prompted me to want to do something more and have a easy to read resource for questions comments and so and just have some fun and enjoy our turtles. And actually Edna the oldest and wisest is the primary operator of her own page. (Like I said wanted to make it fun.) So come and friend Edna. Thanks

    Edna TurtleCreate Your Badge

  3. i have a turtle,and am very knee to know its species and its origin.also whether its endangered or just a common one.expecting some one will help i can send his photos. plz reply

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