Continuing with the theme of the NYYTS annual show, here are the only pictures of a Chinese Box Turtle. I think they were the most represented of all the turtles in the show.

They’re cool. Me and my wife want one (or two or three…). They are a beautiful, outgoing species. Nice coloring, cool designs on their carapace, and great personalities….sigh….

Because the turtles are endangered and do not reproduce as quickly as other species (they lay very few eggs a year), they have a higher price tag than most North American species – not as pricey as a mata-mata though, good thing.

Anyway, the turtle I have pictures of is a real handsome specimen…


  1. what is the black gland-like object that appears to come out of the turtles tail. It folds out underneath him and is half the size of him. He appears to be so serene while basking in the water? If you know please inform me of its purpose. Does it have to do with gender? thank you sincerely, Kathy

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