(This is part of a series where I review several commercially available pet turtle basking platforms, because my pet turtles need new basking platforms.)

After reviewing a bunch of floating pet turtle basking platforms and finding that none of them fit my needs, mostly due to the products being too small for a large turtle or unable to stay afloat under the weight of a heavier pet turtle, I switched gears and started looking at basking platforms that are non-floating. Here’s the first…

Oasis Turtle Ramp
The turtle ramp (and the very similar turtle deck)…

…provide simple, stable and easily cleaned platforms for aquatic turtles, salamanders and frogs to exit the water and bask as they would in their natural environment. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. The Ramps are designed to fit a wide range of aquatic terrarium situations and are easily adjusted for the depth of the water environment. All 3 ramps are constructed of a single piece of formed clear acrylic with suction cups to attach it to any smooth surface.

The Kordon turtle ramp is a very popular pet turtle basking platform, though not as widely used as the Zoo Med Turtle Dock

The turtle ramp is easy to climb thanks to the green traction pads that it has. It was hard to tell from other people’s experience how the basking platform would do for larger pet turtles as most people do not state how big their turtles are. One pet turtle owner said that under the weight of a 7″ pet slider turtle, the large turtle ramp begins to sag. Another said that under a 10″ pet turtle’s weight, the turtle ramp would bend and otherwise feel uncomfortable, causing the pet turtle not to use it. Another said that it is perfect only for smaller pet turtles.

Those were enough for me as I’m looking for a pet turtle basking platform that will last the rest of the lifetime my red ear sliders, which get to a sizeable maximum size of 12″ SCL.


  • Good grip tape makes it easy to climb
  • easy to clean
  • lots of suction cups, which hold the turtles weight


  • Although the suction cups are strong, the turtle ramp sags under the weight of bigger pet turtles
  • This caused it not to be used by a 10″ turtle
  • unnatural looking

My decision:
I need a strong sturdy turtle basking platform. My red ear sliders are around the 7″ mark and will continue to grow. These wouldn’t be useful for me at all. I Pass.