I had been longing to get a snow leopard gecko and so was hoping to get one when we went to the New York Metro Reptile Expo (That reptile show is remarkable by the way, though half the show is all snakes with pet turtles being a very, very, very small and unnoticeable part of the show).

stamp from the reptile show
(this is the hand stamp from the reptile show)

Me and my wife found a wonderful snow engima leopard gecko at the stall of Jason of Mighty Morphs.

A two month old female pet gecko, we went through a host of names until we and our nieces /nephew decided on Polkasaurus. She’s currently housed in a separate enclosure, but we’re hoping that when she gets bigger she can join Monkey, our other leopard gecko, in her housing.

Without any further introductions getting in the way, here is Polkasaurus!

The coin in the photos is a US quarter – it’s not a permanent part of her vivarium, I just put it in there for photos for a size comparison.

Polkasaurus is still so small and has a lot of eating and growing to do!!