After an incident where my female turtle, Cinderella, scratched her shell I took both my Red Eared Sliders out and took pix of their shells. This is a little after two months of having them.

This is the carapace of Rex. You can see some of the growth he’s had since we got him. Nice bright shell!

Here’s his plastron. He looks so cute looking like he’s holding on for dear life. He was actually just trying to get free from my hand. Again, here you see the growth he’s had as well. Also, his nice hatchling plastron pattern is beginning to fade and those dark circles are starting to form.

Here’s the carapace of Cinderella. She was always the shyer turtle…. This was a year ago, so I don’t remember how it was that she scratched her shell. It all healed up now.

Here’s Cinderella’s plastron. It looks like it’s going to shed anytime here. It actually took a while. I didn’t even notice when it did happen – I’m guessing it broke off in little pieces.

Hope you liked the pix!!


  1. I have a turlte that I purchased a few months ago. Dont know if it is a he or she, his/her name is George. I am concerned that his hsell is turning whitish along the ridge and he has not ate for over a week now. Need suggestions. I do not have a UV light, just an aquarium light.

    1. hope it’s not shell rot! Research what it is to find out and fix it.

      Then fix your turtles habitat. Get UVB light and whatever else you might be missing

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