My turtles never cease to amaze me.

Here they’re fighting over an electric yellow cichlid. I’m not sure which one of them caught it, but the other one was apparently able to get a bite of it through the tank divider. It was funny and amazing to watch them fight over the poor fish, playing tug-of-war with it.

The look on Rex’s face when he ended up with a small piece is priceless as he looks both surprised and severely disappointed.

While the video is priceless and I’m glad I was able to video it, I was disappointed that they ate the cichlid. The fish dropped some fish eggs (which were larger than I thought they would be) – the fish was taking care of eggs – and I really would’ve loved to see the cichlid mouth-brooding its fry. While I’m not sure what the fry survival rate would’ve been living with two turtles or if they’d even be able to survive the environment (two filters, no gravel, etc…) – it was quite disappointing to see my turtles find the eggs and just gobble them up.


  1. [..YouTube..] I was searching turtle tanks and on page 3 I always find the newest videos so technicly(sorry about the spelling) I was not searching this. 🙂

  2. [..YouTube..] @WinterHaven the suction cups aren’t attached – but that’s a great idea!

    several suction cups are attached to the aquarium and the divider stands or is sandwiched between them

  3. [..YouTube..] @forlogosVideos I seen some prong like things for suction cups. I wonder if I can find them big enough that I can hold such a divider.

  4. [..YouTube..] @WinterHaven oh yeah, I use some of those too (their water heater holder suction cups) – but mostly it’s just suction cups sandwiching the divider

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