I had a bunch of videos showing my turtles chasing some feeder fish recently. Just some thoughts on those…

That was the first and last time I ever gave them feeder goldfish. Feeder goldfish are not recommend for turtles for the three main reasons which are generally felt in the online turtle forum communities:

  • it’s not a part of their natural diet
  • they contain thiaminase, which can lead to a vitamin B1 deficiency
  • they have spiny bones which can injure a turtle’s insides

Feeder minnows/ rosy reds seem to be the preferred feeder fish, although they reportedly contain thiaminase too. For that reason, I stopped giving them feeder minnows.

That leaves feeder guppies, from the group of the most commonly available feeder fish. It’s not known if they have thiaminase, but it’s what I prefer. I actually breed them in my planted 5 gallon tank.

Generally, and especially for Red Eared Sliders, turtles don’t have much fish in their natural diet – – but that really depends on the type of turtle. For RES especially, they shouldn’t be a staple of their diet, it should be more of a treat that you give them every now and then. I aim to give my turtles feeder fish once a month but it usually ends up being once every two months.

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