Here’s Cinderella, my female red ear slider turtle, as I put her on her floating corkbark basking platform. It used to be big and strong (floatation-wise) for her then smaller size and weight, but she has grown so much… In terms of size, it’s still ok, but it doesn’t float so well under her weight anymore. If it doesn’t sink, it tips over and slides her off.

I knew this day would come….

Her basking platform has changed since this photo, back when I posted a guided tour of my turtle tank:
pet turtle basking platform made of corkbark

It used to be a single piece of curved corkbark about 12″ x 15″ in size (as seen in the photo). Because she had started to get heavier a few months back, her weight would cause the dry spot to sink beneath the water whenever she went up to bask. I changed her basking platform by cutting it in half, with one layer of corkbark on top of another layer, just like it appears in the video above.

Rex, my male pet red ear slider turtle has some problems too, but not as much as Cinderella does. His basking platform does sink under his weight, but it isn’t considerable and will be good for some time to come. Of course, if one pet turtle is getting a new basking platform, I might as well change the other pet turtles’ basking spot.

I’m going to look into and review several of the commercially available basking platforms and decide whether I should purchase one or make my own. I’ll be blogging about my progress…

Update: Here are my reviews of turtle basking platforms:

Update 2:Read my conclusion of the best turtle basking platform to use for the entire lifetime of your shelled pet.


  1. [..YouTube..] I think you could see the first time that the turtle was too heavy. Not over and over again mate, come on. Just put a nice big rock in there! 🙂

  2. The problem with makeshift platforms, i.e stacking items under for support is that it can provide an unstable environment for the turtle. Not too sure how your turtles behave, but RES in particular are overly destructive as they try to figure out surroundings and with size of the turtle the destructiveness they can release is mind-blowing! This can be aided with securing the items together with a non-toxic poxy like silicon, however it takes too long (drying time) and looks horrible.

    Adding a large rock to accommodate a turtle of 7″ would have to be one huge rock and comes with even larger obstacles! Large rocks displace too much water, take up too much room in a tank and eat away at the swimming area available to the turtle.

    This is not viable given that the setup of the author is like mine and has two turtles separated in the same tank.