Eight days after one of my pet turtles bit my other pet turtle, I took some photos of the aftermath.

It’s still a shock that Cinderella, my female red ear slider turtle, bit Rex, my male RES turtle…

Anyway, here are photos of Rex’s wound / bite mark from Cinderella’s bite. There’s a sore red spot on his throat area and some scarring. Otherwise, it looks like his wound is healing ok. The wound he has looks like it was cause by the bottom tip of Cinderella’s mouth

Poor Rexie turtle….


  1. My male turtle has diz mark on its toe next to its nail nd is getting red nd it looks like its swollen!!!

  2. I feel bad for him, but his expression and the camera angle made me crack up.

    His face in the 7th picture clearly has “DO NOT WANT” all over it.

  3. yesterday night, i saw my female RES turtle about 6 inch bite a Male turtle neck 6 inch and i put the female turtle away from other aquarium tank.