Wow, this year sure went by fast! In my mind, yesterday was New Year’s Day and it was a winterwonderland outside — and then all of a sudden it’s springtime and mother’s day already!! So, if you’re anything like me there’s a good chance that mother’s day is fast sneaking up on you and you have no idea what to get your mom and the other mothers in your life to show them your love and appreciation for them. Fortunataly, the following is a quick guide and ideas list for mother’s day and the special turtle-loving woman in your life!

(All the images shown below are for products found in, although all the items are easily found in your local mall and retail stores).

Turtle Jewelry/trinket Box

Made with pewter, this beautiful turtle keepsake box has been decorated by hand with enamel and sparkling crystals. It is a beautiful accessory and is sure to bring a smile to anyone. Although it’s not that large (2.7 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches), it is large enough to keep at least one pair of earrings, bracelets or whatever really. There are plenty of other kinds of turtle boxes, such as these right here.

Turtle Music Box

Very similar to the previously recommended turtle keepsake box, turtle music boxes are different such that they play music when they are opened. Also, unlike the other turtle boxes, these are made of triple-fired Heirloom porcelein and are beautifully painted and accented. Find other turtle music boxes here.

Swarovski Turtles

More shiny turtle gifts (shiny things!)! This Turtle Swarovski Crystal Animal Brooch is nice, shiny, and is definitely something to look at. Beautiful and useful, this crystal-accented brooch is one attractive accessory. Browse through more Swarovski crystal turtles here.

Chocolate Turtles

Chocolate always makes a great gift!! And chocolate turtles…mmm-hmmm!! Chocolate, pecan, and gooey caramel patties are tasty! And this one comes in a nice tin box too. Enough said. Search through more chocolate turtles here.

Turtle Planters

Turtle planters for plants! There are also turtle pot holders. This is perfect and makes perfect sense for mom’s with green thumbs! In this case, that’s two kinds of green!! There’s nothing quite like something pretending to be something from nature holding some nature in it!! Find other turtle planters here.

Turtle Greeting Cards

Sometimes the best way to show love and appreciation towards someone is to say it. So say it with a turtle-themed greeting card!! Make sure you write something real and personal inside. There are plenty of turtle greeting cards here.

*photo by Shashank Gupta | CC BY 2.0