turtle tries to eat goldfish

I feel like it’s been awhile since I posted about something other than my turts’ size. Here’s an update on their live feeding…

Since the last rosy was eaten, they haven’t eaten any of the 2 remaining goldfish. When November rolled in, I bought them more live food – which I aim to do for them everytime a new month comes in.

I bought them 5 rosy minnows this time. Rex immediately ate one of the fish as I was transferring them to the turtle tank. It was so quick!! After putting 3 or 4 of the fish in the tank, I saw one of them in his mouth with its tail sticking out. It was head first and he was swallowing it whole. I reached for the camera as he was swallowing it, but didn’t manage to get to a photo of the action.

The day after, another minnow was missing, although there’s no way of telling who ate it. The next day yet another minnow disappeared.

When I bought the minnows, I also bought a mystery snail. I figured the turtles might want to try some other food, and if not, then it could help keep the tank clean. The turts have bitten the snail a few times, and even took a chip off the shell, but haven’t managed to eat/kill it yet.

In the meantime the turtles, Cinderella in particular, was getting very aggressive. She was always trying to flutter Rex and would make bite attempts at his claws and face. Given the overly aggressive behavior, I divided the tank to avoid any of the turtles from drawing blood and missing eyes and such. Dividing the tank was a bit difficult since I also divided the basking area, which is a Zilla corner basking platform. I’ll post pics of the divided tank later. I placed a minnow and a goldfish on each turtles side and the snail on Rex’s side. Several days into the divided tank, the remaining minnows disappeared at about the same time.

It really makes me happy when the turtles eat the live fish, and even happier still to know for sure that Cinderella ate one too!! The gold fish are still there, I think they just don’t like the taste of goldfish.

Then we thought that the snail was dead. With Rex biting and clawing at it a few times a day, we thought he might have gotten successful. So I went out and bought 3 snails and 3 Chinese Algae Eater fish. After putting the new animals in the tank, the dead snail proved it was alive and not dead after all. So now the turtles each have 2 snails, a gold fish, and Chinese Algae Eater each, with Cinderella having an extra Algae Eater.

The Algae Eaters are quick nervous little fish that the turtles are likely never going to eat. The snails are likely going to become turtle food one of these days. If the snails spawn and create dozens of baby snails, the tank will not become snail infested – I’ve no doubt the turtles will enjoy eating all those tiny, yummy baby snails!!

On an extra note: the turtles are now being fed every other day as they are no longer hatchlings (over 2″ in length).

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