Pet Turtles And More fan Brian, a NJ web designer and photographer, sends pictures of Morbert the turtle and other loggerhead sea turtles.

First, some loggerhead sea turtles, pictured above. This is from the same place that DG sent her own loggerhead sea turtle pictures

a loggerhead sea turtle holding a loggerhead sea turtle

Brian says:
“While on vacation in the Caribbean, we stopped at Grand Cayman and went to the turtle farm. It was nice to see all the turtles swimming around, and we even got to hold them. We learned that if they start flapping around in your hands, stroking them under the chin calms them down (I try this on my wife when she gets pissed too, and it seems to work!). Because we enjoyed ourselves so much at the turtle farm, we decided to get a souvenir at the gift shop.”

“I told my wife she can pick any stuff animal turtle she wanted. They had all sorts of turtles. Some green, some brown, some big, some small. But my wife, an animal lover, chose a turtle that was all alone in it’s basket. The one lonely, sickly looking turtle of the bunch. It looked like an albino turtle with the measles. And the under shell looked like it was just back from heart surgery.

“When I asked why she wanted that turtle, she said, “cause nobody wants him.” I thought this unique turtle needed a unique name, Morbert. Now Morbert has a happy home and spends most of his time on my wife’s desk, still sickly looking as ever.”

Morbert a stuffed turtle toy animal

plastron of a stuffed turtle toy - morbert
Morbert’s plastron which looks like he “just back from heart surgery.”

stuffed turtle toy morbert

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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