I’ve always been fascinated by mata mata turtles. They are an aquatic turtle from South America. It is a very unique looking turtle, with a triangular head and an overall shape and color to camouflage itself wonderfully around fallen leaves in its habitat. It hides in wait and sucks (vacuums) fish up to eat them. They are similar to mud and musk turtles in that they prefer shallower water. Matamatas are also an expensive turtle – I usually see them on sale online for $400, though I’m sure that price can go way higher and just slightly lower.

I’ve only seen mata matas twice, first at a reptile show where they sell pets, supplies, & equipment and second at the NYTTS show.

Here’s a link to the mata mata wikipedia page for more information.

Here’s a short clip of the only matamata at the 2009 NYTTS annual show.

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