True to the name of this blog, Pet Turtles And More, more than just turtles/pet turtles & tortoises have been featured here, including various pet fish and pet shrimp (which have been related to pet turtles in one way or another).

So now, a new related pet (it’s a reptile too!) gets on here too. Meet my new leopard gecko!! This is a video that highlights the first several minutes of the leopard gecko exploring his new home. Enjoy!!!

The cage is a half-15 gallon, which is half the size of a 15 gallon tank – or 24″ x 12″ by 6.5″. Caves are old cichlid caves, the wood is mopani driftwood, the background material is an unpainted DIY foam background, and the substrate is paper (finally, a use for all that junkmail!). I’ll obviously be posting more about my new leopard gecko, leopard geckos in general, and of course, many pet pictures and videos.


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