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With Christmas less than a week away and shopping lists for gift-giving growing, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with a great gift idea for a discerning turtle lover. So here’s a quick guide and list of turtle gift ideas that are widely available in retail stores, pet stores, and bookstores:

Turtle Stuffed Toys

This idea is almost a no-brainer. Since a turtle lover knows you shouldn’t hug or hold a pet turtle much, a stuff animal turtle is the ultimate gift solution. Many of them are cute and soft, come with beanie feet or bellies, or are plush. They come in different sizes and are widely available in stores or online. Find other stuffed turtles here.

Turtle Books

Now, what turtle lover does not enjoy turtle books? The best picks would be books that are about a variety of different turtle species rather than one focused on just one specific turtle type. Nice, big pictures bring the book’s value up too!! Browse through other turtle books here.

Pet Turtle Food

Buying your turtle lover treats for his pet turtle, such as the Reptomin Select-A-Food pictured on the left is definitely a good pick!! Also, buying a large sized container of turtle food, such as this 45 ounce jar of Zoo Med Turtle Food is another great pick as it will feed a pet turtle for over a year!!! Find other pet turtle foods here.

Turtle Videogames

There’s a good chance that your turtle lover is both a video game player and is/was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan – so you can’t really go wrong with a Turtles videogame, such as Turtle Smash-up pictured on the left. Find other Ninja Turtles videogames here.

Collectible Turtle Figurines

Those small sized ones, like the one of the left, also make wonderful gifts! There are many types, materials, and styles available out there, so you are bound to find one that will suit your turtle lover’s taste. See other turtle figurines here.

Ninja Turtle Action Figures

In continuing with the Ninja Turtle theme from above, how about a collectible Ninja Turtle figurine like the Michelangelo on the left? The Figurines like the one on the left by NECA are “display only” figures – they have a lot of good details, but they aren’t kids toys. A little kid will destroy the figures rater quickly. These aren’t as widely available – get them online or in a comic book store. See other NECA Ninja Turtle Action Figures here.

Have a wonderful time shopping and happy holidays!!

* Photo by Terry Johnston | CC BY 2.0

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