See How to make a pet turtle basking platform for part 1 of this series.

Step 3: Drill Holes

You will need to drill holes on the pet turtle main basking platform, climbing ramp, support pieces, and corkbark surfaces. The holes will be used by the zip ties connect the pieces together.

For the main basking platform – you will need:

  • 4 – 8 holes to attach the corkbark to the top of the platform
  • 4 holes on the side to attach the climbing ramp onto
  • 4-8 near the center and near the bend, used to attach the triangular support pieces
  • 2 near the bottom, used to attach the two smaller bent support pieces
  • 2 or more holes near the end of the main basking platform which will be used to attach the pet turtle basking area to your turtle tank (either with zip ties, suction cups, or any other method).

For the climbing ramp – you will need:

  • 4 holes, one on each corner to connect the climbing ramp to the main basking platform
  • 4-8 holes to attach the climbing ramp corkbark

For the support pieces and corkbark pieces – you will need to make matching holes on them so they can be attached together.

Refer to pictures below for reference.

Step 4: Assemble basking platform and attach corkbark pieces

Remove the protective covering from your acrylic pieces. Using the pictures below as a guide, use zip ties to connect all the pieces together. Don’t forget to cut off the end pieces of the zip ties.

Note: I’m using regular corkbark (not the flat background tiles) for the climbing ramp.

Step 5: Use the basking platform

Attach your basking platform to the inside wall of your turtle tank (either with zip ties, suction cups, or any other method). Let your pet turtles find it, get familiar with it (this can take days), and they will start using it.

See pictures of my pet turtles on the basking platform.