Or if you breed turtles, how many of them do you keep as your personal pets?

Love turtles, hate turtles – share your thoughts and how many you have or have had in the comments!!

Based on 56 votes at the time of this writing, the following are the survey results:

  • Two-thirds (66%) of Pet Turtles And More readers have one or two pet turtles
  • 30% have one pet turtle
  • 36% have two
  • 13% have three
  • 11% have four to six turtles
  • 4% have seven or more
  • and 7% are looking to acquire one or more pet turtles

It is good to see that there is a good percentage of future turtle owners that are doing some research before actually acquiring a turtle. Doing prior research is highly recommended before acquiring any kind of pet. Responsible pet ownership is applauded!!

Do you disagree with the survey results? Want to put your vote in? Have any thoughts? Let us know!

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