Pet Turtles And More fan DG (who previously sent over pictures of loggerhead sea turtles) sends over her photos of the large pet turtles found at Grant’s Farm in Missouri.

First up is a sulcata (African Spurred Tortoise) pictured above.

And here again, this time with some people taking some tortoise pictures…
Grants farm pet sulcata tortoise

Besides the sulcata they also have a number of giant tortoises.

Here’s one of the tortoises posing for the camera:
giant tortoise at Grant's Farm

And another big tortoise sleeping the day’s heat away:
giant tortoise sleeping

Thank you so much for continuing to share your wonderful turtle pictures DG!!

Hope you enjoyed that! To have your pet turtle (and other general pet reptile) photos featured here, simply share your photos here.


  1. I am not a fan of turtles and tortoises but that is huge. I wonder how old he is right now.