Just found this rather interest story from NPR’s All Things Considered.

Bog turtles are New York State’s smallest turtle (and one of the smallest turtles), growing to a max of 4.5″ SCL, though they most often reach 3″-4″. They face many threats including illegal collection, loss of habitat and human development, and foreign plants.

The foreign plants actually contribute to their loss of habitats, so to make the long story short goats are being used to eat and eliminate the giant foreign weed. Mowing the weeds are ineffective as the plants just grow back, but goats are able to eat them completely.

It’s a rather interesting story, click here to listen to and read the transcript of Unlikely Heroes: Goats Rescue N.Y. Bog Turtles from NPR’s show, All Things Considered. See this page for New York State’s Bog Turtle fact sheet.

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